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Date - 05/08/04 Been a while since an update... I haven't had time. (Bad excuse I know.) But I've updated all of the pages to have the new format, also added another map by RavenLock, Lord of Destruction. TLOY section has been changed so only one map is currently available, visit BM-Smoky's website for the rest. Well, the next things for me to do is: More links, Map submission and do some Homework. w00t w00t.

Date - 23/04/04 Another small update, added the sword cursor, that I made myself =D. Also did a mass update of the Links Page. Hopefully I'll be able to find more to time to finish off the updating soon...

Date - 19/04/04 A small update, added another map for the Diablo II series by ravenlock, I also added 14 maps by Bafenner. Look in the Multi Player Maps section and the One on One Maps section for the new maps.

Date - 11/04/04 I finally found a font I like. I've given up trying to find a way to stop the music... It would work on some browsers, but most wouldn't. Just turn off the sound if you don't like it =D (Netscape uses might not have any sound at all). Iv'e added 3 more maps. They can be found in the Multi Player Maps section, look down the bottom. I have another 12 or so maps to look through, and hope to have them posted by the end of the week.

Date - 11/03/04 New frontpage for the site up and running. As you can see it looks a lot smoother and nicer than the Old One. There will be more changes to come. Including being able to stop the music, custom cursor and maybe some dynamic html code to make the site look better and stand out more. Also I added this news section and created a new Submission Page, to help with map submission. I will also be re-doing the links page completely, as well as updating the other pages.

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